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Blue Chain Lightning

1980's Metal Band - TRIANGLE

Mark Schwenk - Bass & Vocals
Jon Heyl - Drums
Greg Cisko - Guitars

The songs are from 1985 with my band TRIANGLE (the demo album was called "Post Aftermath"). The band played in many assorted gigs and parties in Aurora Illinois in the mid 1980's.

The band featured the legendary vocal work of Mark Schwenk. He had (and still does) an uncanny ability to write songs and lyrics. Mark is now working on "The Doctor Project". A quick google search can find him on soundclick.com. Drums featured the master work of Jon Heyl. As I have listened to these songs over the years I came to truly appreciate his greatness. And me? At the time I thought I sucked on guitar. This is why I wanted to redo all the songs once I started playing again. I was shocked to realize the time off paid off.

To view the MP3 Player you will need to have Javascript turned on and have Flash Player 9 or better installed.

TRIANGLE recorded these songs in 1985. Amazingly they have survived all these years and are now digitally remastered. Every guitar track has been re-recorded in 2002 giving the songs new life. All guitar tracks were done with a Marshall AVT50 and an Ibanez SA160.

Here is the CD Cover and Insert for the revised demo album.

Thanks for listening! gcisko@hotmail.com

Digitally remastered at Molten Metal Studios during the summer of 2002. All songs and materials copywritten 1985 thru 2008 by TRIANGLE - http://bluechainlightning.net

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